Singapore special surrendered for being “too big” transforms from being stressed to serene

Being part of a family just to be separated from them after a year is nothing short of heartbreaking.  

This is the story of Malibu, a Singapore special given up for adoption for not fitting into the “ideal” size. 

From the moment Malibu was let go by his first pet parents,  he has been moving from one foster home to another. It was hard for him to find a long-term foster home as he required lots of roaming space. Not to mention people who can guide him through his behavioral issues – the consequence of Malibu not being provided proper puppy training.   

Love the Voiceless (LTV), an animal shelter committed to providing humane rehabilitation and rehoming stray dogs, noticed this the moment they took him in. “He was extremely insecure. Very disorientated as he was raised as a house dog. He was emotionally broken from abandonment. It was very difficult to manage him as he was protesting on the leash by pulling very hard and in all directions,” said Joyce Wang, Marketing Supervisor of LTV.   

After a few months of staying at the LTV shelter, Malibu developed skin allergies, making it harder for him to adjust and gain confidence. “He has incidences before, but it always goes away naturally prior. But the allergies got worse over time at the shelter. He has had Cytopoint shots,” said Joyce.  

Cytopoint is a proven safe injection that helps treat and control a dog’s skin itches, which unfortunately did not work on Malibu. Because of this, his veterinarian recommended a vegetarian diet.

LTV signed Malibu up to take the Zen Vegetarian 90-Day Challenge.


Malibu’s skin condition before taking the Zen Vegetarian challenge

Malibu’s skin condition before taking the Zen Vegetarian 90-Day Challenge


The Zen Vegetarian 90-Day Challenge is a trial program of Addiction Pet that’s created for shelter dogs with meat allergies. Allergies toward farmyard proteins like Chicken, Lamb, or Beef are common. But there are rare cases where dogs are allergic even to novel proteins. A novel protein is a new kind of protein that’s not usually found in commercial dog food. 

[READ: Benefits of adding novel protein to your sensitive dog’s diet]

100% free from animal proteins, Zen Vegetarian is the perfect alternative to meat-based protein food. A veterinarian and nutritionist-formulated diet, Zen Vegetarian is a holistic and hypoallergenic formula that provides sensitive dogs optimum nutrition. 

According to Joyce, “Malibu enjoyed the Zen Vegetarian kibbles.” In just a few weeks, Malibu showed signs of improvement. “Skin is much better, and his stools are very healthy. Malibu had put on some good weight, maybe because his body is actually digesting the food more now as compared to the last time when he was on a meat diet.” 

Aside from a change in diet, Malibu was also given topical products such as moisturizing creams and medicated shampoos to soothe his skin irritations. 

Malibu continued to heal over time. It became even more noticeable when Joyce and the LTV team saw how happier he had become. Seeing him stop stressing about itching and start enjoying his life was the most rewarding part. 


Malibu recently, during the Adoption Drive for Pet's Day 2022

Malibu recently, during the Adoption Drive for Pet’s Day 2022


Joyce’s hopes for Malibu were simple; “for him to find a loving family who can provide and advocate for him. And him enjoying his warm meals, garden, and toys.”  

Friendly to both humans and dogs, Malibu is affectionate and loves being patted. “He is a young dog with so much love to give, and we are hoping to find him a home, this time a forever home,” said Love the Voiceless. –

Malibu is currently on homestay and is inches away from being adopted. If you’re a sincere adopter who is willing to help and care for dogs like him, you may contact Love the Voiceless Singapore.

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