The Journey of Our Kibble

Ever wonder how your dog’s favorite Addiction Pet Foods kibble is made? Well, let’s find out.

The Journey of Our Kibble 

The best for your best: Sourcing

Addiction Pet Foods works with trusted local farmers and certified suppliers in sourcing for only the most premium meats, vegetables and fruits that go into your dog’s kibble. Trust that we spare no effort in ensuring that only the most natural, hypoallergenic ingredients are used to make our kibble.

Never complacent: Quality Assurance

The minute our choice ingredients arrive at our plant, they are tested immediately to ensure that they meet the standards and specifications set by New Zealand’s stringent pet food manufacturing processes. This initial step gives us and our customers that peace of mind that cleanliness, high quality, and safety are on top of our priority list.

Start ‘em small: Small Batching

Our ingredients are then small-batched according to their formulations. By making the kibble in small batches, Addiction Pet Foods is able to check on its quality and consistency almost up to every 15 minutes per batch, to ensure that our kibble locks in as much nutrients as they can, giving your dog the most nutrition he can get from our kibble.

Making magic happen: Natural Supplementation

Aside from all that protein goodness in our novel meats, the naturally occurring antioxidant combinations from the vegetables and fruits, we add in essential nutrients like natural vitamins and minerals into the batches, creating that high-grade dry pet food that your dog loves.

Packing the fun: Post-Magic

After the kibble has cooled, it’s tested again for nutritional quality before it’s packed, stored and eventually shipped out to our distributors and retailers, and make their way to homes and to your dog’s bowls, where he can enjoy the healthy goodness that each bite has in store.

Want to know more? Here’s what else is in your dog’s favorite kibble.

Trust Addiction Pet Foods when we say we’re committed to ensuring your dog gets the best nutrition every time they eat our dry pet food.

Treat your dogs to premium kibble with our wide range of variants.

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