‘Unleash the best’: Addiction Pet Foods launches Wild Islands, a whole prey-inspired diet for dogs and cats

NEW ZEALAND, Te Puke – Addiction Pet Foods launches its newest range of whole prey-inspired diet for dogs and cats this March 2022.   

Inspired by New Zealand being one of the last places that’s still wild at heart, Wild Islands features premium ingredients from the country such as free-range Venison, sustainably-sourced King Salmon, Mackerel and Hoki, grass-fed Beef and Lamb, and premium Duck and Turkey.

It’s also made with immune-boosting New Zealand Kiwifruit rich in vitamin C and Green-lipped Mussel, also known as the “miracle from the sea” for its anti-inflammatory properties. Another native New Zealand ingredient featured in this new pet food range is Manuka Honey, which has stronger antibacterial properties than traditional honey.

Free from grains, potato, corn, and wheat and made with ultrahigh protein levels and nutrient-dense organ meats, Wild Islands offers cats and dogs a prey-based diet that caters to their wild nature.

Wild Islands is available in 4 wildly delicious flavors: Island Birds, Forest Meat Recipe, Pacific Catch and Highland Meats Recipe.

Island Birds

Wild Islands Island Birds

Island Birds features premium New Zealand Duck, Turkey and Chicken, highly digestible and flavorful protein sources. 

Forest Meat Recipe

WIld Islands Forest Meat

Forest Meat Recipe features New Zealand Venison, a novel premium protein source that’s proven highly palatable.

Pacific Catch

Wild Islands Pacific Catch

Pacific Catch features New Zealand King Salmon, Mackerel and Hoki, which are naturally rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids.  

Highland Meats Recipe

Wild Islands Highland Meats Recipe

Highland Meats Recipe features savory New Zealand Lamb rich in amino acids and New Zealand Beef, a healthy source of iron.  

“New Zealand’s remoteness makes it one of the best places in the world to source clean, delicious ingredients for a prey-based diet,” said Jerel Kwek, CEO of Addiction Pet Foods. “Combined with the country’s strict standards when it comes to manufacturing, Wild Islands promises nothing but the best in quality, nutrition and taste.”

–  Addictionpet.com 

Wild Islands for dogs is now available in-store and online at your favorite pet store. Shop here.  

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